Depending on where you call in Price County, you may experience additional charges during those connections. Below is a breakdown of what areas are considered Local, Extended Area Service, and Extended Community Calling. Any calls placed outside of these areas will be subject to current long distance or international calling rates.

Here are a few more things to know about phone calls in the Price County region.

  • Local calls are included in local service at no additional charge – dial all 10 digits of the phone number.

  • EAS (Extended Area Service) is included in local service – dial all 10 digits

  • ECC (Extended Community Calling) is charged at $0.05 per minute – dial all 10 digits

  • Calls to cellular numbers may be charged as long distance depending on the service area assigned by the cellular carrier even though the cell phone is used within your calling area.

For more information about calling options within Price County, please call our Customer Service staff at 833-277-9334.

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