Want to know who’s trying to call you before you pick up the phone? Caller ID allows you to see the telephone number and name of the incoming caller on a display unit or telephone before you pick up the receiver.

To use Caller ID:

  1. You will need a Caller ID compatible add-on display unit or telephone.

  2. As your telephone rings, look at the display to see the telephone number of the party who is calling. Answer as usual if you wish to speak with the person calling.


  • This feature will not work with calls originating from an area or long distance carrier not providing Caller Identification service, toll free numbers, some 700 and 900 numbers, international calls and some cellular calls.

  • Subscription to Caller ID includes the Caller ID – Name and Number features.

  • Subscription to Caller ID requires a special display phone or display device for this feature to work.

  • Not all phone companies can display the calling name.

  • If the letter “P” or “Private” appears on your screen, the caller may have blocked the display of his or her name and/or number. You can choose whether or not to answer the phone.

  • If “Unknown Name” and/or “Unknown Number” appears, the caller is calling from an area or long distance carrier that does not provide Caller Identification service.

  • The caller’s name will appear as the name associated with the calling number in the telephone company records.

  • Most Caller ID display phones or display devices record and store the name and/or phone number of callers, even while you are out.

  • The FCC rules prohibit telemarketers from blocking Caller ID information and specifically requires that they transmit their telephone number and, if possible, the name of the company for which they are selling products or services. They are also required to display a number which you can call to request that not be called again.

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