First-Time Sign-in

First-time sign-in involves three steps:

  1. First you must call 715-798-9000, 715-339-9000 or 715-774-9000 depending on your location or dial *318 and change your PIN.

  2. Then you must record your name.

  3. Finally you must choose a greeting to play to callers before they leave a message.

  • The greeting and recorded name are played each time a caller accesses your mailbox to leave a message.

  • NOTE: You may skip first-time sign-in once by pressing the * key twice, but after skipping it once, you must complete all three steps the next time you call in. You can also end the setup process at any point by ending the call. If you do so, you are asked to complete the remaining setup steps the next time you enter your mailbox. From your own phone, dial XXX-9000 (Ex. 278-9000) and enter the default PIN.

Changing your PIN

  • First, to secure your account, you must set up a new PIN. A prompt asks you to enter a new PIN, and explains the length of PIN allowed by your telephone service provider.

  • Enter a new PIN, pressing # when finished.

  • Confirm the new PIN by re-entering it and pressing # when finished.

Recording your name

Next, you are prompted to record your name. This is used by Call Manager for some system-generated announcements, for example when greeting your callers or when you leave messages for others.

Your recording should be less than ten seconds long. If it is too long, you will be asked to re-record a shorter version.

  • Record your name and press # when finished.

  • An announcement plays your recording back to you.

  • * If you want to re-record it, press 1.

  • * If you want to keep it, press #.

Choosing a greeting

Once you have successfully recorded your name, you are prompted to select a greeting. You can use a number of different types of greeting.

  • To record your own personal greeting, press 1.

  • Then record your personal greeting, pressing # when finished.

  • To use a system-generated greeting that announces your recorded name, press 2.

  • To use a system-generated greeting that reads out your phone number, press 3.

  • To use a system-generated greeting that neither announces your name nor reads out your phone number, press 4.

An announcement plays back your selected greeting.

  • To record or select a different greeting, press 1.

  • To save it and use it as your greeting, press #.

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