2016 Kortelopet Food Station Volunteers

Norvado is proud to be your local, communications provider and technology leader. Not only do we provide Internet, TV, Phone and Security services to the residents and businesses of Northwest Wisconsin, but we also give back to our 20+ local communities, spanning 6,000 square miles, as much as possible.

For a Charitable Contribution request to be approved, it must adhere to certain criteria. The event or possible recipient(s) of the donation must take place or reside in our service area and fit into one of the following categories:

  • School events or youth programs

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Community development events

  • Chamber events

  • Fraternal organizations

  • Local sporting events

  • General sponsorship

The following are not eligible for support:

  • National events (unless stemmed from a local event)

  • Reducing debts or past operating ventures

  • Political or partisan organizations or campaigns

  • Religious organizations or events

  • Talent and beauty contests

  • Generic request that may have been sent to various organizations

  • Benefits for individuals (unless a Norvado employee or family member)

  • Requests for medical expense funding

Our Charitable Contribution team reviews every request received, and has the right to approve or deny any request that does or does not adhere to the criteria previously mentioned.

We receive a significant volume of requests each year and have a limited budget to fulfill them with.  Our annual budget is appropriated on a need and first come first serve basis starting every year on January 1st.  For these reasons we are simply unable to accommodate all monetary-based requests, no matter how much we might wish to do so.  However, our team of 55 is always looking for volunteer opportunities and happy to provide support in a physical sense whenever we can.

Regardless of the level of funding or support requested, the process begins with a donation request. You will need to complete and electronically submit a request using this form in order for your request to be considered.

Should you have any questions pertaining to our Charitable Contributions policy or procedure, feel free to contact our Marketing team at [email protected] or 800-250-8927.

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