As part of the Norvado Call Manager Elite service you have the ability to forward any voicemails left for you to an email address.  Activating this feature takes no time at all and can be completed in just a couple of simple steps.

Here’s How

  1. Log into the MyPhone Portal using the phone number and password associated with your line.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Messages.
  4. Check the box for Forward messages and faxes as emails.
  5. Click add an email address then enter the email address you want your voicemails forwarded to and click Add.
  6. Check the boxes for Leave original in Inbox and Include next action links in emails to allow for voicemails to be accessed from the phone as well as emails. (Optional)
  7. Lastly, click Apply.

Once you’ve applied your changes you should start receiving any voicemails or faxes to your email address keeping you up-to-date with all your contacts.

If you want more details about MyPhone Portal features or need assistance forwarding voicemails to an email address, please call 800-250-8927 and our team members will be happy to assist you.

Click here for a complete user guide to forwarding voicemails to emails.

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