The Norvado SmartLink PBX phone system call quality depends on the internet service it is connected to. If the internet connection for the phone system is shared with the organization’s computers there is a possibility that the internet bandwidth is being used by the computers.

Other common causes of undesirable call quality include:

  • Improper Quality of Service (QoS) settings in network configuration. It is highly recommended that any network that is used for voice services be setup with QoS to prioritize voice traffic over anything else. If you are unsure if this is configured properly on your network feel free to contact Norvado for help.
  • Online backup programs: If you are using an online backup program you’ll want to make sure it is scheduled to backup during non-business hours only, and that there is no syncing during the day.
  • Uploading files to the internet: This can be to any social media site or to any document storage system.
  • Streaming video: Any video streaming services like Netflix or YouTube should be avoided on internet connections that are shared by Norvado SmartLink PBX phones.
  • Downloading Large Files: If you share an internet connection between your Norvado SmartLink PBX phones and your computer please schedule any large downloads for non-business hours.

Take a look at your system to see if any of the above mentioned could be negatively impacting your SmartLink PBX service.  If further assistance is needed, simply email a description of the problem along with the phone number of the phone and time of the problem to [email protected] or call 800-250-8927.

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