As part of the Business Group Features for the Norvado SmartLink PBX service, Music on Hold is one of the easiest to use. With this feature, you can create unique messages to entertain your callers while they are on hold. In five simple steps you can begin informing your callers of all the exciting offers and advancements your business is making.

Logging In

To access Music on Hold, you first need to go to the online portal: Then complete the Number and Password fields and click Login. The phone number is most likely the Auto-Attendant phone number, and the password would have been assigned at time of activation.

Once logged in you will be taken to the portal’s main screen. Next, select Music on Hold in the left-hand navigation.

 Adding Resources

To activate Music on Hold you will need to upload resources. Resources are audio file(s) that callers hear when put on hold. If you don’t have any files currently uploaded, click the resources tab.

Fill in the information for the new resource. The ID will need to be between the numbers 10 and 99. Add a useful Description for your reference. Select Choose File to select a .wav or .mp3 file to upload, and click Add.

Once the upload is complete you will see the new resource in the Global Media List. Now click on the mappings tab to assign the resource to be played.

Finally, set the default mapping as the new resource. The Initial Resource will play first, and the Follow-up Resource will play when the initial ends. Additional Music on Hold mappings can be set to individual lines if desired. Resources are added for others the same way as for the initial resource.


There are many ways you can communicate with your customers, and Music on Hold with a Norvado SmartLink PBX system should be one of them. Music on Hold is easily accessible, simple to change with revisions taking effect immediately, and a great way to get your messages out to an active audience. For further assistance with the Music on Hold or Norvado SmartLink PBX in general please contact our Operations Support Representatives at 800-420-4384.

Click here for a complete user guide for SmartLink Music on Hold services. 

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