A UPS is an electrical device that provides emergency power to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) when the main A/C power source fails.  It differs from an auxiliary power supply or standby generator as it will provide near-instantaneous protection from main power interruptions by using energy stored in its Battery Backup System to keep telephone, television and/or internet service(s) functioning.

Norvado subscribers on fiber facilities reliant on 911 services or needing to maintain services for business reasons, must keep the UPS and BBS in mind during electrical power outages.  In order for service(s) to stay on during an electrical power outage, the BBS and UPS must be functioning and powering the ONT, and a hardwired, non-cordless telephone or Wi-Fi router that doesn’t require power must be used.

If you do not need to keep communication lines open during a power outage or do not own a non-cordless telephone or router as previously mentioned, then a UPS/BBS may not be needed in your situation.

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