The Call Transfer feature allows you to transfer a call to another line or to voicemail. You can transfer calls you initiate or incoming calls.

To use Call Transfer:

  1. After the calling party or called party is on the line, depress and release the receiver button (or FLASH button if your phone is so equipped), to place your call on hold. Listen for a dial tone.

  2. Dial the third person to whom you want to transfer. Speed Calling codes may be used.

  3. When this person answers you may hold a private conversation with them before making the connection between the two people. If you cannot complete the call to the third person, press the receiver (or FLASH) button twice to get back to the person you have on hold.

  4. To connect the two, and disconnect yourself, simply hang up.

  5. To form a Three-Way Call, depress and release the receiver (or FLASH) button to add the person you have on hold. You may drop out of the conversation at any time and the other two parties will still be connected. Either party may drop out and leave you connected to the other. To drop the third party, press the receiver (or FLASH) button and you will be left with only the first party.


  • Once you hang up, you cannot be reconnected to the call.

  • Toll charges apply to calls transferred to a long distance number.

  • Subscription to Call Transfer includes the Three-Way Calling feature.

If you have additional questions please contact our service department at 855.330.1143.

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