With Call Forwarding Busy you can automatically forward your calls to another number when your phone line is in use. With this feature, calls can be forwarded to a local or long distance number. You can activate, deactivate and program “forward-to” numbers from your phone.

To use Call Forwarding Busy:

  1. Press * 90 and then #.

  2. Dial the number to which the calls are to be forwarded and press #. The dialed number will ring.

  3. When someone answers, Call Forwarding Busy is activated. If no one answers, or the line is busy, hang up and repeat steps 1 and 2 above. If you do so within two minutes, you’ll hear two beeps signaling you that Call Forwarding Busy is activated.

To end Call Forwarding Busy:

  1. Press * 91 and then #.

  2. Listen for two beeps or a special dial tone, then hang up.


  • Toll charges apply if you forward calls to a long distance number.

  • Customers on Fiber service should not listen for a dial tone.

If you have additional questions please contact our service department at 855.330.1143.

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