Additional Listing:

In this hectic world, a second (or even a third) telephone line may be a necessity. Use it exclusively for the children, as a dedicated fax line, or as a separate home business line (may require a business rate). Installing both lines at the same time can save on installation charges…and you get a separate telephone listing for each line.

Alternate Listing:

Now everyone can maintain their own identity. Alternate listings in the white pages of your local phone book are one of the most inexpensive ways to help you make a name for yourself. Perfect for teenagers, roommates, or home-based businesses.

Non-Published Number:

If you choose this service, your telephone number will not be published in the telephone directory and will not be given out through directory assistance.

Non-Listed Number:

You can choose to not have your telephone number listed in the telephone directory, but it would be available through directory assistance.

Wire Protection Plan:

Protect yourself against the high cost of service calls and repair fees if trouble should occur in the wiring or telephone jacks in your home – even if they are damaged by lightning. It provides peace of mind for pennies a day.

Norvado Long Distance:

For unbeatable convenience, choose Norvado Long Distance service. One company, one bill, one number to call if you have a question or problem. It is that easy. Plus enjoy a simple rate plan that offers a low per-minute rate and no monthly surcharge. No blackout times or restrictions – rates are good 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Personal and business incoming 800 numbers are also available. Call toll free 1-800-250-8927 for more information or to sign up.

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