Norvado Conference Calling is great when you need to speak with multiple people at the same time, but can’t all be in the same place. Phone and Internet access to the conference bridge makes connecting easy. Invitations into a conference are given to conference participants by providing them with the access telephone number or website for the conferencing service and your participant code. The participant(s) then dial the telephone  number or go to the website and enter the code when prompted. You can also invite a participant into the conference by dialing out to his/her telephone number (outdial). For example, you may want to do this if the participant does not normally attend your conferences and therefore does not have the participant code.

To use Norvado Conference Calling:

  1. The moderator must call into the bridge by dialing 1-866-202-6403 or 715-798-4980 and then dial the Moderator Code (XXXXXX).

  2. Participants will need to dial 1-866-202-6403 and then dial the Participant Code (XXXXXX) at the time of the call.

  3. For on-line access go to Use Participant and Moderator codes to login and control the conference online.

  4. Your conference call bridge is now set up and these codes are available for your use at any time.

To invite participant with outdial call:

  1. Press 1 and then dial the participant’s telephone number followed by #.

  2. Listen for announcement giving instructions for linking the participant into the conference. Press # to skip instructions.

  3. Listen for usual ringing or busy tone while the participant is being called.

  4. When the participant answers, press 1 to return to the conference. You will then hear a prompt to record the participant’s name before joining the conference, in the same way as a participant dialing in. Record the name and then press #.

  5. If the participant is not available or does not want to join the conference, press * to cancel and return to the conference.


  • When making an outdial call, you cannot dial the access code (normally *67) to control the presentation of your calling number on the outgoing call. If you attempt to do this, the outdial attempt fails and you’re returned to the conference.

  • You cannot make an outdial call to the conference telephone number to link a conference into another conference.

  • Participants added to the conference using outdial are not included in the count of attendees in the Call History page in the web interface.

  • Participants added to the conference using outdial do not hear announcements when the call ends or when they are removed from it.


If you have additional questions please contact our service department at 855.330.1143.

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