Creating or editing call forwarding for your phone line is easy in the MyPhone Portal.  Once logged in, locate the Call Manager menu to manage Forwarding and Follow Me services for your line.


The Summary tab provides a description of how calls you receive will be handled, taking into account the settings for all of your incoming call services and any interactions between them.


The tab labeled Forwarding is where you can begin editing your call forwarding settings.  To begin forwarding your calls to another number simply enter a Destination name (i.e. Cell Phone), enter the Number you wish your calls to be redirected to, and click Add.  Your change will be reflected on the left half of the screen.

You can add additional forwarding destinations if you’d like, otherwise click Apply in the bottom right-hand corner.  To remove forwarding destinations click Clear List in the bottom left-hand corner or click the black X next to an individual number.

Follow Me

Call Manager Elite is equipped with our Follow Me service.  This feature allows you to forward calls to other phone numbers, either in sequence or at the same time, so you can be reached no matter where you are.  To begin, click the Add Rule button in the bottom left-hand corner and complete the required fields as you see fit.  As you add rules you will see the path that incoming calls will take to reach you grow. Once you have your rules set, click Apply.

For more details on the Call Manager menu use the portal’s Help menu.

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