IntraLATA refers to your local calling area. All areas not included in your IntraLATA are referred to as InterLATA. InterLATA calls include both long distance and international calls.

Equal Access

Your local telephone companies have implemented Equal Access. This allows a customer to select a primary long distance company to handle your calls. You may make two selections: one selected carrier for intraLATA and one carrier for interLATA calls. When you dial 1+ Area Code + Telephone Number, the company you have selected will be handling your calls.  Rates and regulations vary between companies, so you should select the long distance company that best meets the calling needs of your family or business. If you decide to switch your long distance company, there is a service charge per telephone line. If you experience any problems making a long distance call, please contact your long distance company directly.

Casual Dialing

Casual dialing, although not available in all areas, will allow you to designate a long distance company on a per-call basis. This is done by dialing the company’s access code – for example, 1010211 – before the number you are calling. You need to contact the company that’s offering casual dialing services and set up billing information before these services are activated.

To Change

You may change your long distance company by sending a written request or simply contacting our office so we may verify your security password on your account and request the change. You may change your selection at any time and as often as you wish, however, a charge is applied each time you change.

If you have additional questions please contact our service department at 855.330.1143.

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