Add the Total Phone Package to your phone line to get an all inclusive experience. The Total Phone Package includes 2000 minutes of long distance calling for residential customers (500 minutes of long distance calling for business customers) to the contiguous US and Canada plus 19 calling features.

Calling Features include (click the links to learn more about each feature) :

Call Manager Voicemail Service 

This is an easy-to-use system that requires no new equipment and offers several advantages over answering machines. It takes messages while you are away from home or on the phone. It can accept multiple incoming messages at the same time, and there’s no more worrying about power outages. Messages are protected by passcode, and many features are available including multiple mailboxes.

Caller ID

Want to know who’s trying to call you before you pick up the phone? Caller ID allows you to see the telephone number and name of the incoming caller on a display unit or telephone before you pick up the receiver.

Call Waiting

Now you never have to miss another call while you’re on the phone. With Call Waiting, a beep alerts you to another incoming call and allows you to put the first call on hold while you answer the second. This feature is easy to use and perfect for a busy home or office.

Three-Way Calling

This feature is ideal for bringing everyone together on the same call. It allows you and two other parties all talk together. It works with local calls, long distance calls, or a combination of both. Three-Way Calling can be used whether you have received or have placed the first call.

Call Forwarding

If you know you are going to be gone, you can forward your incoming calls to a new location by using Call Forwarding. You can control the forwarding of your calls to any number including your cell phone or pager, anytime you choose.

Speed Calling 30 Number

Tired of looking up those frequently called numbers that you just can’t seem to remember? Speed Calling 30 Number stores the numbers you call most often and allows you to call those numbers by dialing only two digits. These numbers can be both local or long distance.

Anonymous Call Rejection

With this feature you can reject all callers who have chosen to block their name and/or number from being displayed on your Caller ID device.

Call Manager Elite Service?

The Call Manager Elite Service is like steroids for your Call Manager system. This service gives you additional greeting options, provides additional storage for voicemails, offers the convenience of sending your voicemail messages to an email account and provides you with a website that allows you to access your voicemail and other phone settings from anywhere.

Call Return

Ever experience the frustration of rushing for the phone only to find the caller has just hung up and you’re left wondering who tried to reach you? Call Return provides a solution for this problem. By entering a simple code, your phone automatically calls back the last number that tried to reach you.

Repeat Dialing

This feature allows your phone to keep trying a busy number for up to 30 minutes. When the called party’s line clears, Repeat Dialing signals you with a special ring and automatically places the call when you pick up the phone.

Call Transfer

This feature allows you to transfer a call to another line or to voicemail. You can transfer calls you initiate or incoming calls.

Call Forwarding Busy

With Call Forwarding Busy you can automatically forward your calls to another number when your phone line is in use. With this feature, calls can be forwarded to a local or long distance number. You can activate, deactivate and program “forward-to” numbers from your phone.

Call Forwarding No Answer

This feature allows you to forward your calls to another number when you are not at home or unable to answer your telephone. You may answer that call, or if unanswered after your specified number of rings, the call will forward to your “forward-to” number. You can activate, deactivate and program the “forward-to” number from your phone.

Call Forwarding Remote Access

If you forgot to forward your calls before leaving your home or office, no need to worry. Call Forwarding Remote Access allows you to program your Call Forwarding feature from virtually any touch-tone phone or cell phone.

Distinctive Ring

Distinctive Ring allows you to have up to four phone numbers on a single phone line. When called, each number has its own unique ring.

Selective Distinctive Ring

Selective Distinctive Ring allows you to create a list of numbers with its own distinctive ring. The distinctive ring tells you it’s one of your special callers from your list. Even works with Call Waiting and Caller ID features.

Selective Call Acceptance

The Selective Call Acceptance feature allows you to block all calls except those from your list of special phone numbers. You can add, delete or change the numbers on your list at any time. Works with local and long distance phone calls to prevent nuisance and solicitation calls. Calls from numbers not on your list are sent to an announcement that you are not receiving calls at this time and are terminated.

Selective Call Rejection

With Selective Call Rejection you can program your phone to block calls from your selected list of phone numbers. Those callers receive a prerecorded announcement that you are not receiving calls at this time and are terminated. Calls from other numbers are not blocked. You can change numbers on your list at any time.

Robocall Blocker

Robocall Blocker is a feature that blocks pesky robocalls by requiring callers to select a number to indicate whether they are a human rather than a telemarketer or robocalling service. 

** Additional charge for business customers.

Please contact our Customer Service department at 800-250-8927, chat online or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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