With SecureIT Plus from SecurityCoverage you get more than the ultimate computer security software; you also get to enjoy all the benefits of a Professional Installation by a SecurityCoverage Technician.  At the time of installation the technician will:

  1. Check/verify system requirements.
  2. Look for and remove previous anti-virus software.
  3. Remove any unnecessary start up items for better performance.
  4. Terminate any running processes that are in SecurityCoverage’s active spyware/virus list.
  5. Check for infections.
  6. Install SecureIT Plus.

By having SecureIT Plus installed professionally you are also guaranteed that if your computer suffers from an Internet-related issue while using SecureIT Plus, SecurityCoverage will remove the threat or pay up to $100 to have the machine repaired locally if they are unable to correct the issue remotely.  Here are a few more things to know:

  • Professional Installation is required to qualify.
  • Professional Installation must be done by a SecurityCoverage certified technician on a “clean machine.”
  • SecurityCoverage will offer to clean and repair any existing threats on the PC during the Professional Installation. These repairs will require an additional fee through PC Support Services.
  • SecurityCoverage reserves the right to deny the guaranteed claim if the threat is deemed to be pre-existing or self-inflicted.
  • The threat on the machine must have occurred while SecureIT Plus was installed.
  • SecurityCoverage determines when to engage an outside computer repair company.
  • Maximum remedy is $100, to be paid towards the repair of the end user’s PC.
  • Bloatware removal is not included in free virus removal. One free bloatware removal is allowed per license key.  Removal fee set by SecurityCoverage will be charged for all bloatware removal requests thereafter.
  • SecureIT Plus is not compatible with Mac devices.

If you have additional questions regarding your SecureIT Plus service, please contact SecureIt Plus Technical Support at 877-373-3320.

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