Keeping your Norvado Security System functioning properly is imperative to it keeping you safe, which is why we offer an annual Security Maintenance Program. If you wish to have Norvado maintain your system, we will be offering our annual maintenance plan at $330.00 per request, and it includes the following:

  • Trip charge
  • Two hours of on-site technical inspection and cleaning of sensors, contacts and system components
  • Full system test

If your system requires additional work, battery replacement, parts or repair, the technician will require your authorization to complete the recommended maintenance. Any cost associated with this will be quoted separately and is not included in the $330.00 maintenance fee. You may be required to pay time and materials to bring your system into proper working order. Please note that our rate is $110.00 per hour for on-site or remote support with a ½ hour minimum.

To schedule your security maintenance, please contact us at 800-250-8927.

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