Norvado has kept hundreds of homes in the Northwoods safe for many years. The traditional security (monitoring) technology our services were built on has shifted greatly in the past five years though, and Norvado has chosen to adopt new products to better serve our customers.

We have moved to real-time, alert-based devices like cameras, thermostats and Smart Home devices that give you a better and more realistic control of your home. With a combination of our Nest products, you can do everything you could with a traditional surveillance system and probably MORE.

Norvado Security Device Options

Environmental Monitoring

Nest Learning Thermostat will monitor your home’s temperature, learn your preferences and save you energy expenses.

Note: Thermostat requires DIY or HVAC installation for wiring. Norvado will only network the device with your Internet service.


We offer an assortment of Nest cameras to fit your surveillance needs. Use the links below to learn more about each product.

What about Existing Norvado Security Systems?

For our existing Security subscribers with a traditional system, we will support you in the following ways:

  • We will support the panel, sensors, and batteries. If you experience connectivity issues due to component failure, Norvado will replace or repair the system on a time and material basis at full retail value for all new parts required. A technician can be sent on-site and his time will be billed at $110.00/hour.
  • If a sensor is not available through Norvado, we can:Come out and disconnect the sensor from the system at our hourly time and material rate of $110.00.Suggest replacing it with an alternative compatible device or replace the system with one or more of our Nest devices.

Note: Norvado only installs Nest products within our current service area, excluding Price County, at this time and only to Norvado Internet subscribers.

  • If a panel fails, it will be a minimum of $1,000 to replace it. This includes, at a minimum, device, set-up and installation charges. Upgrading your system to a modern, connected surveillance/environmental monitoring system – like Nest – may be your best option.

Note: All panel failure replacements are contingent upon inspection and our ability to obtain a direct replacement. Each replacement and outcome will be handled on a case by case basis.

For more information regarding our Security service, visit our website or contact our Customer Service team at 800-250-8927.

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