Have you had enough of robocalls and spam calls flooding your landline phone? 

Robocall Blocker is a phone feature that blocks robocalls and spam calls by requiring callers to press a number (eg: 8) to indicate they are a human rather than a telemarketer or robocalling service. Please be aware that any automated calling systems will be blocked including, school closings, doctor/dentist appointments, garbage pickup, billing, any reminder calls, etc.

How can I get Robocall Blocker? 

Robocall Blocker is available to any Norvado residential phone service and is included in the Total Phone Package. A $10 service activation fee applies. It is also available to business phone subscribers for $2 a month.

If you ever wish to cancel the Robocall Blocker service, simply call in and request it be removed.

Please contact our Customer Service department at 800-250-8927, chat online or email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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