The FREE Speed Upgrade is one way Norvado is offering residential customer support during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. This offer provides additional bandwidth, at no cost to the consumer, for a period of three months to assist with work from home or digital learning initiatives you may be undergoing. This offer has a value of up to $360.

Depending on your geographical location, facilities available and equipment utilized, the speed upgrades offered are up to:

Fiber Market


Copper Market


Hayward Market

Offer Details

Norvado service may not be available in certain geographic areas due to bandwidth restrictions. 

Subscriber must contact our office to downgrade before end of term or be billed at standard rate. 

 Offer can be combined with other existing offers.

Available exclusively to residential customers. 

Customers are allowed a one-tier speed increase. For example, a customer currently on 50Mb/10Mb internet may upgrade to 100Mb/30Mbps.

Offer expires 5/31/2020.

Please contact Customer Service if you have questions at 800-250-8927 or [email protected].

Updated on March 19, 2020

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