Select the appropriate content and application filters desired. This will block devices from seeing data from filtered categories, applications, and websites.

  • Content: Broad categories of content grouped by topics that could concern parents.

  • Applications: A list of applications that can be blocked. Search for the application and select it if available. Any application not available is not currently supported.

  • Website: A set of user defined websites that will be blocked. You must enter a URL such as Be sure entries are accurate to ensure proper blocking.

Note: Applications are not websites. Applications access data directly from servers that a web browser would never know about or be able to block by name. This is where the application filter is used. For example: Subscribers can block the website via the website filter. If the Twitter application is installed on the device as an app, it will also need to be blocked in the application filter.

The Apex Experience App also allows subscribers to allow specific content that might have otherwise been blocked by a category filter. For example: You could block the category Social network, then add to the website filter and set it to allow access specifically to Facebook.

Note: When setting filters and time limits, it may take a few minutes to become active and apply those settings to active device connections.

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