Enhanced Parental Controls give you the ability to set profiles, add filters, create time limits, and view network usage. If you don’t already have this service contact your service provider to sign up. Let’s learn about time limits.

First, within the Apex Managed WIFI app, select Parental Controls from the main menu and tap the profile that you want to add a time limit to. Once you’ve selected the profile, tap the Time Limits button.

Next, you’ll see this timeline interface. On the top is the All button. Setting the offline hours in this section will impose the same offline hours every day. Or if you prefer, you can select individual days of the week and set different offline hours for each day.

Tap on the day to set a start and end time for offline hours. If you select All Days, for example, and block 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. it will show up as 8 offline hours for each day. You can also add additional offline hours for each day. Just select the day, click on the + sign and add an additional block for that day. Once you’ve set the Start Time and End Time, simply tap Save.

Note: Devices trying to connect during days/times where access is blocked may behave as if it does not have an Internet connection or display an error of some sort, depending on the individual device or browser.

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