The Apex Protect App service helps keep your home network safe from things like network intrusion and malware. If an intrusion or malware is detected, you will see a notification appear as an Alert in your Apex Managed WIFI app and, if enabled, in your mobile device’s notification center.

You can view details of the alert by viewing the main menu and tapping the Apex Protect App option.

By default, you will be shown all security alerts and detected threats. Tap on the small down arrow on an alert to see more details. If you believe the threat was not real, you can tap the Add to trust list button to allow devices to access this content in the future.

Note: You should be very confident that you are allowing trusted content to the Trusted List before performing this action. If you made a mistake, you can always remove items from the Trusted List, and the router will resume blocking/preventing this traffic or content.

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