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Limited-Time Commercial Offers
Terms and conditions for new commercial subscribers in 2022.
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We are on a mission to enable the businesses in our communities to dream, build and grow bigger than they ever thought possible. That's why throughout 2022, we will roll out multiple, limited-time offers to new commercial subscribers on our fiber network.

Here are the offers plus terms and conditioners.

3 Months Free Fiber Internet

New commercial fiber Internet subscribers can receive the first three (3) months of Internet service free. This offer is valid through Juy 31, 2022. Plans to chose from include:

  • 500Mb/500Mb

  • 1Gb/1Gb

  • 1.5Gb/1.5Gb

  • 2Gb/2Gb

Products and services are not available in all areas. Norvado does not service every address in a service area. Upon ordering products or services over the phone or online, an address check is required. All product offers, availability and prices can change without notice. Fiber facilities may need to be built to provide service(s) and could result in a cost to the subscriber. Norvado reserves the right to deny network or service connection for any reason. Credit check required. Deposit may be applied. Offer of three (3) months of Internet service for free requires 60-month commitment. If service is terminated prior to the end of the 60-month term, the subscriber will be required to pay for Internet discounts received.

For more information, contact our commercial sales team at 800-250-8927.

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