This service order will be a General/General Provisioning or General Service Tech needed. Both service order types can/will need to be manipulated to work for what the customer needs. You may need to add a device provisioning task on a general provisioning service order.

Your customer will currently have TV services with us, but they may not currently be leasing our router, they will need to lease our APEX router to have a Pick Me plan. If they currently are leasing a router you will need to check to see what plan they were leasing at, was it just the router itself and add the apps if need be. If they have purchased our Apex router, offer them the $100 buy back for the router (PROM100) and add the apps as well.

1. Create SO- Internal SO Type: General / SO Type: Service Provisioning or General/ General Service Tech

2. Click “Accept”

3. In the “Request” box, enter that you are;

*Upgrading from what they currently have for TV to the appropriate Pick Me plan

*Apex Leased Router-Do they have our Apex router; will they need to lease? Do they have WIFIEXP apps for leased router?

*Streaming device -Do they have a streaming device, or do they want to purchase one from us.

*If we send a tech to install the Apex router, tech can pick up the STB’s. Note for tech to default and retrieve x amount of set top boxes.

*Pick me credits are based on the Internet speed, a customer may want to increase their Internet speed to have a higher credit. You will need to note on the Request if they are increasing the Internet speed.

4. Click on “Start Workflow

5. This takes you to P&S.

6. You will want to stop the current Rate card, and any discounts that are being given for phone and Internet, or Internet and TV.

7. You will also want to stop the charges for set top boxes as well.

*Note that when you stop the STB’s you will see TV EQUIPMENT NOT RETURNED charges being added. *

8. Stop any current credits or charges for Apex leased apps, as they will come in with the new PICK ME.

9. You will then want to click on “Add Items” to bring in a new rate card.

10. Click “Accept”

11. You will first want to pick the Internet speed, FB or FI. This will bring in the correct Pick Me plan.

12. The Apex leased apps are automatically check marked.

13. Next select the correct Basic TV service according to the region type – Norvado East will be TVCASTP (Think Phillips, Park Falls, and Prentice. TVCAST is for Norvado. The TVLOCAL will be automatically checked as well as TVOTT8

14. Next you will need to select the correct phone. Either phone itself or Total Phone, IF they choose Total Phone you will need to select the Direct Dial Call Plan Carrier.

15. Once you are done selecting the items in the Pick Me, click on “OK”

If you have added a Total Phone, you will get a pop-up with the Direct Dial Call Plan. Select “OK”

16. Check to make sure that P&S looks correct and then click on “Continue Workflow”

It brings you back to the front of the service order.

17. If you need to send a tech or need to have the router provisioned, you will need to “Add Row” and add Installer to Prem. or Device Provisioning. Whatever your customer needs.

To add a device provisioning task, you would:

a. Start typing in the Task field “Device provisioning” and the correct task will populate. Then select Save.

b. You will then want to move whatever row you added up to where it should go in the workflow and then schedule the installer for their appointment or schedule the Device provisioning task with the Installer.

18. After you schedule the tech, you will continue the workflow and it will take you to the MYBUNDLETV – ADD/REMOVE CREDIT

19. You will go to the website for Webhooks;

*You will log in with your email and password to register the customer’s credits.

*We provide the account number for trouble shooting purposes. If a customer’s email changed or there is a typo, the account number will allow MyBundle TV to find the account and make the correction.

*Once you add the information the following email should be sent to the customer immediately, you can ask the customer if they have received the email from MyBundle.TV while on the phone with them and ask the customer to create their account prior to the tech appointment.

*If a customer does not receive an email they should follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click Create Account button in the purple box

3.Enter the email address used at time of registration in webhooks, create a password, accept terms, and click Continue.

1. Subscriber will then be logged in and taken to a page to view to their Streaming Rewards Card. It can take up to 48 hours after completing the registration process outlined in steps 1-3 above for the rewards credit/card details to appear here.

5. Subscriber can navigate remaining site to choose their streaming services.

The customer will be able to choose their additional TV content and use their streaming reward credit at Find Your Streaming Service with Norvado (

20. In the remarks on the workflow, you should add the customer’s email address you used to register them. Then click “continue workflow”

21. You are back to the Request on your service order, you can add the time of the appointment or any extra notes that are needed in the Request and fill in the Complete by Date.

22. Click on continue workflow and this will stop you at the CTC Review task.

*If your customer was a Minerva changing to a Pick Me, you will need to go to the TV tab, and change the TV TYPE and the LOGIN and Password and Region ID.

23. Add your initials to the remarks and continue workflow to complete your service order.

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